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Manja Klemenčič (Harvard University), Editor

EJHE Online is the official blog of the European Journal of Higher Education (EJHE), which features “usable knowledge” commentaries by our past and present authors, reviewers and editorial board members.  The aim is to connect higher education research to practice by publishing usable knowledge commentaries based on scholarship published in EJHE and research conducted by the members of EJHE community.

The commentaries target higher education practitioners and policy makers as well as researchers and teachers in the field of higher education. They seek to extend the published scholarship towards the questions of application and use in practice and policy, as well as reflect on how we conduct research and teach.

In preparing the commentaries, please consider following possible (but not exclusive) questions to guide your writing:

  • What does your research tells us about what works or what not in practice, policy or research into higher education?
  • What should policy-makers and higher education practitioners know about your research topic?
  • What policy or strategy recommendations follow from your research?
  • What should we know about how to conduct research on your research topic (focus on methodologies and methods)?
  • How should we go about teaching, learning and assessment in your field of higher education studies?
  • Whom is your commentary specifically addressing:

Whom is your commentary specifically addressing:

  • other researchers on how to conduct research
  • those teaching courses in the field of higher education studies
  • higher education professionals (in higher education institutions, governments, stakeholder associations)
  • policy-makers at national, supranational, regional level
  • leadership of higher education institutions

EJHE Online is also an online resource for journal news (such as, calls for proposals for special issues, or debate section articles or book reviews), announcements about new books published in the field, other news related to higher education in Europe and news from Taylor&Francis.

Please contact me at [email protected] with proposals about possible contributions.


Manja Klemenčič , Editor

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