About the blog EJHE Online

Manja Klemenčič, Editor

EJHE Online is the official blog of the European Journal of Higher Education, edited by the Journal Editor, Manja Klemenčič.

The aim is to connect higher education research and practice through “usable knowledge” commentaries and to enhance the visibility of scholarship published in EJHE.

Usable knowledge is conceived here so that the commentaries inform:

  • higher education practitioners and policy-makers (by presenting prescriptive findings derived from the article published in EJHE) or
  •  researchers in studies of higher education (through reflection on methodologies and methods of research of theme investigated in the article published in EJHE) or
  • the practice of teaching, learning and assessment in the field of higher education studies (through discussion on how to teach a particular theme investigated in the article published in EJHE).

Commentaries from past and present EJHE authors, reviewers and editorial board members are welcome. Notices about new books published in the field are welcome from anyone. They should be sent to [email protected].