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Types of submissions to EJHE:
ORIGINAL ARTICLES (contact [email protected]): All submissions of original articles must be made via EJHE’s manuscript submission site, according to procedure described below. The standard length of EJHE original article is 7500 words including references. As a rule of thumb, an original article needs to be author(s)’ original work, and not replicate previously published work, and it should not have been submitted for publication at the same time elsewhere.
SPECIAL ISSUES: Informal inquiries and/or formal proposals for special issues should be sent directly EJHE editorial office at [email protected]. Informal inquiries are always welcome. A formal proposal for a special issue should include:
– The title of the proposed special issue.
– Names, addresses, positions and short biographical notes of the proposed guest editor(s).
– A brief description of the rationales, originality of contribution and locating the issue within the existing scholarship in the field.
– Tentative contents of the special issue including: 1) the name, position and contact details of each contributing author or co-authors; and 2) a short abstract of each contribution.
– Proposed timeline of the special issue (which will be adjusted in accordance with the next available issue).
– Typical length of a special issue is an introductory article plus 6 research articles, none exceeding 7500 words.
DEBATE SECTION ESSAYS (contact [email protected]): All submissions of Debate Section essays must be made via EJHE’s manuscript submission site, according to procedure described below. The standard length of  a Debate Section essay is 3500 words (or less) including references. The Debate Section essays must take a standpoint on a topical or controversial issue. The essays are expected to be based on rigorous social science research, thus applying theoretical knowledge to a recent phenomenon and or providing fresh empirical support for their claims. Particularly welcome are suggestions for several essays which take an opposing view of an issue.
BOOK REVIEWS (contact [email protected] ):

Submission guidelines for book reviews

  • Reviews of books that have been recently published and which address theory, methods or practice relevant to the field of higher education are in general welcomed.
  • A review usually has a length of 1,500 to 2,500 words and should include a description of the book and its main argument, its relevance for the research community, potential links to ongoing scholarly debates, and an elaboration of the book’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reviewers are expected to act in accordance with common ethical standards of the academic community and should not review books in which they have been directly or indirectly involved.
  • There are two avenues for submitting book reviews: (1) If a review is solicited by the book reviews editor, the author is invited to review a book suggested by the editor. (2) If a reviewer would like to suggest a title that s/he could review, s/he is recommended to contact the book reviews editor ([email protected]) prior to submission.
  • After an agreement on reviewing the book has been reached between the editor and the reviewer, the editor will (if necessary) contact the publisher to facilitate the provision of a review copy of the book. Once the book arrives with the reviewer, s/he contacts the book review editor to agree on a deadline for the submission of the review.
  • Once the reviewer has finished her/his manuscript of the review, s/he sends it to the book reviews editor for a brief review. If no revisions are necessary or after the author has revised the manuscript, the book reviews editor submits the manuscript into the production process.
  • The review should follow the general style of the European Journal of Higher Education. In addition, the review should have the citation of the original book on its top. The citation should include the following information: Title. Subtitle, by Author(s), Place of Publication, Publisher, Year, number of pages, Price (in GBP or EUR), ISBN. Name and affiliation of the reviewer are added in the end of the review.


All submissions of original articles, Debate Section essays and Special Issues (after approved by the Editor) to the European Journal of Higher Education (EJHE) must be made via EJHE’s manuscript submission site, which uses ScholarOne Manuscripts  for peer review process. The instructions on how to use the submission site are provided in the guide for ScholarOne authors. In short, the system ask all new authors to open an author’s account onto which the manuscript is uploaded. In cases of co-authored manuscripts, only the corresponding author uses the account and adds the names and affiliations of co-authors onto the system.
 After an account was created, ScholarOne requires that two versions of manuscripts are uploaded:
1a “Main Document – anonymous” needs to have removed all information that could identify the author(s), but retain the title, abstract, keywords, main text and references.
1b “Title Page” with author(s) details
1c (if applicable) Tables, Appendices
2 “Main Document – with author details” is the complete submission version of the manuscript with authors’ details, acknowledgments and short biographical notes on contributors.
Complete guidelines for preparing and submitting your manuscript to EJHE (including a Word template) can be found here. Like other T&F journals, EJHE uses CrossCheck™ software to screen manuscripts for unoriginal material.